Sole Himalayan Salt Infusion

Sole pronounced so-lay has a long list of healthy benefits including increasing hydration, strengthening bones and preventing muscles cramp making it perfect for over exercised bodies. The salt will aid your bodies ability to absorb nutrients and is suitable to drink every morning before breakfast . Plus the sole will last indefinitely as salt is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. More water and salt can be added as needed.

You will need:

1 Large Mason Jar & Plastic Lid

1 - 2 Cups of Pro Fusion Himalayan Pink Salt

1 Cup of Filtered Water

Plastic Spoon

*Do not use a metal utensil to measure or touch the Sole with any metal object.

Add 1 to 2 cups of raw pink Himalayan salt into the Mason jar and fill with the filtered water. Place a plastic lid on top and shake gently. Store at room temperature and leave over night to allow the salt to dissolve. The next day, if all of the salt is absorbed, add a couple more spoonfuls each day until you have some remaining on the bottom. When the salt crystal are visible at the bottom of the jar it means the water has absorbed its maximum amount of salt and the Sole is ready to use.

Mix 1 tsp of the Sole in to a glass of water and consume every morning on an empty stomach.

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