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"If you're going to move, move well,move with a purpose".  - Sinead

Form with Sinead is a private group class that combines Sinead’s Barre Tribe & Sculpt method whilst utilising the Tower.

The 50 minute class uses the Towers weighted springs, straps and bars, along with smaller studio props to move the body in all planes and directions through a dynamic full body repertoire.

Expect to improve posture and increase muscle tone and definition. This great workout will help deepen your physical connection on and off the mat, feeling stronger and more connected to your body.

Sessions are held at Performance Pilates beautiful light and airy private studio, located at Beau Sejour.

Prices from £30.00

Please note there is a strict 24 hour cancellation policy and all sessions should be paid for prior to attendance.

For full details see Booking Policy

If you are interested in Form classes and would like to book or add your name to the waiting list please complete the form below. 

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