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"If you're going to move, move well, move with a purpose".

This is my mantra and how I want my clients to treat their bodies. I truly believe fitness is a way of living and not a quick fix. It’s about intelligent movement and this is why working one-to-one is so beneficial. With over 20 years of experience in the fitness world, I’ve become fascinated with how the body moves and the powerful effects it has both physically and mentally. From this, I’ve devised my own method that combines functional movement and builds balance, strength, and a proportionate body. I’m slightly obsessed with good form and encourage clients to truly become body positive in everything they do.


Every session works the entire body, from all angles and in all planes of motion for a truly efficient workout. Using a variety of equipment, it’s fun, efficient, and effective. Specialising, in Barre, Yoga, mat work, and personal training.

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