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Barre Tribe is our fun, energetic, workout that uses body weight resistance to target the arms, legs and abs for a defined and chiseled physique.

Get ready to strike a pose as we work though a series of ballet barre moves and body conditioning sequences for the perfect balance of strength and flexibility. 

Prepare yourself for some serious thigh shaking!


Tribe Sculpt, also known as the Sweat Sesh, is our favourite Barre free workout! The 60minute signature body conditioning is guaranteed to make you sweat. Expect cardio dance, upper body 

strength work and bootylicious lower body moves to challenge balance, strength and flexibility. Sequences can included the use of dumbbells, ankle weights, sliders

and resistance bands to work the body from head to toes!


Bend, Stretch and Breathe in our Tribe Yoga flow class. Dipping into various styles of yoga to create a smooth flowing practice that lengthens the body, improve posture and stills the mind, ending with Savasana (relaxation). Suitable for those with yoga experience and those who enjoy moving their body. Hand on adjustments and assistance are offer to help clients establish correct alignment and move deeper into asanas (poses).